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So I was listening to some Pandora radio, tuned into the DJ Shadow station in case you wanted to know, when this song Big Lost by Diplo came on. To say the least, I was rockin’ out. So I decided to look up some reviews, and google puts me on Amazon where I read the first review. It goes like this: “I am ananomious hipster kid X and this DJ does this pattern X times while alternating patterns A and B 8 times before jumping into the break down.” And I wondered, what the hell does that even mean? How did those loops and cuts make you feel? Was it funky? I decided to read the next review, and it cut straight to the heart of what I felt:

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Hi…It looks like a bunch of white electronica kids wrote the other reviews, so here is a different take. I grew up on rap music of all types…I think this guy dplo is onto something special. The overall feel of his music is very unique, rhythmic, and worldly, and its got a realness that alot of these other white guys with laptops don’t have, I can tell he’s not really a tourist but he gets into it…if that makes any sense. Other than this, the only other new music I’m really feeling is Sa-Ra, Ryan Leslie, bootlegs I got in LA of some guy named Sid K, and whatever the Neptunes are producing. WE NEED MORE STUFF LIKE THIS Definitely looking forward to whatever Diplo puts out, he’s definitely still raw, but its not just for hipsters, buy it.

And that is exactly it, you silly hipsters… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Give me back hip-hop, and you can take the rest, Hippsters.